Committee proposed to oversee Federal Health Insurance Exchange for Wyoming

Dec 13, 2012

Sen. Bill Landen of Casper

After failing to meet federal deadlines to develop a Wyoming based Health Insurance exchange, the legislature’s Joint Health committee has developed a committee to oversee a federal version of the exchange. 

A health insurance exchange is a marketplace where people can compare policies and purchase health insurance.  Since Wyoming did not indicate a willingness to develop an exchange, the federal government will develop one for state citizens by 2014. 

Casper Senator Bill Landen says they want to work with federal officials.

“I think we want to make sure that if the affordable care act is going to result in the federal government bringing a health insurance exchange to the state of Wyoming, that it was important that this body, that this legislative body keep a very close eye on what that meant for the state of Wyoming.”

Landen says Wyoming might want to develop its own exchange or partner with another state in the future.  He says the committee will continue working on that prospect.  Landen says that federal officials say states can consider moving away from a federal exchange every November.