Communities looking into raising money for plowing

Mar 12, 2013

Gov. Matt Mead is telling communities in northwest Wyoming to go ahead and raise money to hire state snow plows to clear roads inside Yellowstone National Park.
     Spring plowing in Yellowstone is postponed due to federal budget cuts. Plowing was scheduled to begin March 4 but is delayed two weeks to save money.
     Business owners outside Yellowstone fret that Yellowstone won't fully open to automobiles until one to two weeks later than usual this May. Officials in Cody and Jackson have been discussing other options.
     Scott Balyo with the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce says the chamber is ready to raise money to plow Yellowstone but first needs to know much pavement needs plowing and what the total cost will be.
     The estimated per-mile cost will be $4,000 to $5,000.