Conditions perfect for buying houses, community development authority says

May 16, 2012


The Wyoming Community Development Authority is encouraging people to buy houses – especially if they’ve never owned a home before. Executive Director David Haney says conditions are favorable for buyers at the moment.


“Interest rates are as low as they have ever been,” Haney said. “Prices have pretty much stabilized throughout most of Wyoming. And so the combination of both those things makes for a really terrific time to buy.”


Still, he says, first-time buyers need to be aware of the risks they’re taking. To help them navigate the process, Haney’s group is offering online classes.


“There’s also a very comprehensive one-on-one counseling that takes place, to look at budgets and talk about the expenses that one is likely to have with homeownership,” Haney said.


Haney encourages prospective buyers to go through the training before contacting lenders or realtors.