Contested County Commission Races in 2012 General Election

Nov 6, 2012

Update: 11:31 pm

Albany County:
With 13 of 13 precincts reporting, Democrat Tim Sullivan beats Republican Shelley Towler, 5794 to 4910 to for the open seat on the Albany County Board of Commissioners.


Natrona County: 
With 46 out of 46 precincts reporting, Republicans Forrest Chadwick and Matt Keating are ahead of the pack for two seats on the Natrona County Board of Commissioners. They have 14,648 and 14,146 votes respectively. Independent Keith B. Goodenough is in third place is 10,468.


Laramie County:
In the race for two seats with four-year terms in the Laramie County Board of Commissioners, Republicans “Buck” Holmes and Amber Ash are in the lead with 10,658 and 10,511 votes respectively. That’s with 61 of 61 precincts reporting. 

There’s also a race for one two-year term on the Laramie County Commission. With 61 of 61 precincts reporting, Republican Lee Hasenauer (HAY-zen-OW-wer) is ahead of Democrat Marguerite Herman 11,907 to 9847.


Teton County:
All 18 of Teton County’s precincts are in. Republican Barbara Allen and Democrat Melissa Turley have locked in the two seats on the Board of County Commissioners. Allen has 5036 votes and Turley has 4983.

Fremont County:

Independent Stephanie Kessler is ahead of Republican Pat Hickerson for the District 4 Fremont County Commission seat, pending absentee votes. Kessler has 1423 votes, and Hickerson has 1339.

In District 5, Republican Douglas Thompson is ahead with 1392 votes. Independent Nathan Maxon has only 998. Fremont County is still counting absentee ballots.

Sweetwater County:

With all 37 precincts reporting, Republicans took the Sweetwater County Commission seats. Wally Johnson had 8554 votes, and Don Van Matre had 8058.

Carbon County:
With 18 of 19 precincts reporting, three Republicans are in the lead for the open seats on the Carbon County Board of Commissioners. John Espy has 2601 votes, Lindy Glode has 3345, and Sue Jones has 2785.

Park County:
Republicans Lee Livingston and Bucky Hall are in the lead for the Park County Board of Commissioners, with 22 of 29 precincts reporting. They have 5291 and 4596 votes, respectively.