DADS Making a Difference program helps low-income fathers

Apr 10, 2013

This month nine low-income fathers will graduate with structural steel welding certificates with the help of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.  DADS Making a Difference is a program that gives job training and other services to fathers who need help supporting their children.

 Workforce Services Director Joan Evans says that although there are programs to help mothers in this situation, fathers are often left to figure things out on their own.  “We found that men don’t always have those natural social support systems that women often have available to them, if they’re facing the same types of barriers,” Evans says. Evans says that a large part of these social support systems are individuals and institutions that help care for children, and that some barriers to employment for these men include inadequate housing, education, and transportation. In the last DADS Making a Difference class, nine out of ten of the graduates found employment and are currently earning a wage good enough to support them and their families.  You can find more information about the Dads Making a Difference program on the Wyoming Workforce website.