December 10th, 2010

Nov 9, 2011

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A listing of today's stories:

Wyoming's delegation wants cuts but where?
Right now the United States government owes almost 14-trillion dollars. And cutting down on the debt and deficit spending was a clear mandate from the midterm elections. But as Manuel Quinones reports from Washington - Wyoming lawmakers are still short on specifics about where to cut.

Budget Commission comes to Cheyenne

In an attempt to garner public support, former Wyoming Senator Al Simpson and former Clinton White House Aid Erskine Bowles came to Wyoming to promote details of their debt reduction plan. That led to a discussion in the audience about what could be done. Wyoming Public Radio's Tristan Ahtone heard what attendees had to say.

Wyoming's uranium future
Uranium prices are on the rise and so is interest in nuclear power. Wyoming has the largest deposits of uranium in the Unites States and is experiencing an influx of companies seeking uranium mining permits here. As Wyoming Public Radio's Irina Zhorov reports, citizens' groups worry that more mines mean more environmental problems.

Understanding oil development in the Niobrara
It's hard to know how the Niobrara oil play will play out. There are a number of ways of getting a sense of it - by looking at lease sales, application for permits to drill, and at well production. There's a six-month confidentiality period granted to new wells. Wyoming Public Radio's Molly Messick talks to state Oil and Gas Supervisor Tom Doll about how that works, and about what people in southeast Wyoming should expect.

Split estate in the Southeast

Oil and gas booms are nothing new to Wyoming - and neither is the idea of split estate. A single piece of land can have two different owners. One owns the surface, while the mineral owner holds everything below. In places that haven't seen a lot of energy development, it can be a shock to surface owners to find out that an oil company is thinking about drilling on their property. And that's what's happening in Laramie County. As exploration picks up in the Niobrara Shale, homeowners are getting organized. Wyoming Public Radio's Molly Messick has this story.

A number of groups are urging people to beware of drinking and driving this holiday season. Because of holiday parties and nights like New Year's Eve, the risk of people drinking and driving increases. Lena Newlin provides alcohol education through the AWARE program at the University of Wyoming. She joins Wyoming Public Radio's Bob Beck to offer some tips on how to enjoy but not abuse alcohol.

Hanukkah in Wyoming
This week wrapped up the Jewish holiday Hanukkah. In a state like Wyoming, it is a challenge for Jews to celebrate. The Jewish population is smaller here than in almost any other state. Jackson-based Rabbi Zalman Mendelsohn joins Wyoming Public Radio's Bob Beck to discuss how he goes about helping the small and spread out Jewish population celebrate Hanukah in the Cowboy state.

Addressing abuse
In Wyoming and across the country, child abuse continues to be a serious problem. The Children's Advocacy Centers of Wyoming were formed to help address it, and assist with prosecution in abuse cases. The organization's Heather Ross joins Wyoming Public Radio's Bob Beck to explain the scope of the problem.

Education policy overhaul?
Wyoming seems poised to institute new and far-reaching policies that will affect education in the state. This comes as lawmakers review school funding and embark on a debate about accountability in education. Wyoming Public Radio's Renny MacKay has more.