Democrat Tim Chesnut vies for Barrasso’s seat

Aug 13, 2012

Two Democrats are running for the chance to replace U.S. Senator John Barrasso this election season.  One of those Democrats is Albany County Commissioner Tim Chestnut. 

  Chesnut says he has a number of ideas for balancing the federal budget, starting with cutting funding for the military by ten percent.

  “I think we need to stop all the wars and bring the guys home, especially the most costly and longest war we’ve been in – that’s the war on drugs,” Chesnut said. “I think raising taxes and cutting programs are all on the table.”

  Chesnut says he supports the Affordable Care Act and is pleased by the EPA’s new rules limiting emissions from coal-fired power plants. He says the rules will encourage cleaner uses of coal and will boost the wind and solar industries in the state.

 Chesnut says one quality that would help him in office is that he’s good at brokering agreements.

“I’m a natural mediator, and when I’m in a room with people, especially during contentious issues, people seem to get along better, and we get things done,” he said. “That’s one of the things I hope to bring to the Senate, because I don’t think since Al Simpson was there, there’s been a true statesman that brings people together, especially through levity and through a sense of humor.”

Chesnut’s Democratic opponent, William Bryk, did not respond to interview requests. The primary is August 21st.