DEQ unveils Ozone Strategy for the Upper Green River Basin

Mar 14, 2013

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has released a strategy that includes regulations and voluntary recommendations to address Ozone problems in the Upper Green River Basin in western Wyoming. 

Credit Willow Belden

The goal is to keep ozone from exceeding recommended levels.  D-E-Q Air Quality Administrator Steve Dietrich said that the idea is to try and address problems before they start, noting that much of the focus will be on precursor emissions, or emissions that can cause ozone to reach non-attainment. 

“This plan is a way to go about it from a regulatory standpoint and a voluntary standpoint to reduce those precursor emissions.”

Dietrich said that The D-E-Q plan included input from a number of stakeholders and was worked on by a number of people within the agency.  He said it will set stiffer emission standards for energy development in the area and also require the stricter reporting of some emissions.  They are considering an incentive program for prevention efforts.  Dietrich said he hopes those involved in the effort will take the strategy seriously.

“Most challenging part so far has been and maybe will continue in the future is to see what we can do from a voluntary aspect prior to having to go the regulatory route and providing assurance not only to the industry, but to those that participate, that the voluntary measures are equally important as anything we would require in a regulatory arena. “

Dietrich said they will begin implementing the strategy over the next six months.