Douglas Gas Leak Still Uncontained

Apr 26, 2012

A Tuesday oil rig accident northeast of Douglas continues to spew gas into the atmosphere.

At last count, 50 of 67 residents volunteered to evacuate the surrounding area of the leak, staying in hotels paid for by the site’s natural gas operator Chesapeake Energy.

No injuries have been reported.

Oil and gas commissioner Tom Doll says it’s unclear how much gas has been lost.

“Most of these well after they’re completed in the Niobrara formation would be producing around one-million cubic feet per day,” says Doll. “Since this well has lost control, it was in the drilling phase and not in the completion phase, it’s hard to say if it reached those rates or not.”

Doll says it’s best for residents stay clear of the area, but adds it’s unclear when the leak will be under control, and when residents will be able to return to their homes.

According to well operator, Chesapeake Energy, crews are waiting on favorable weather to handle the leak, and Tom Doll says unclear at this time whether the well will be useable again in the future.

Cause of the accident is still under investigation.