6:17 pm
Mon November 25, 2013

Environmental groups urge speedy development of pollution prevention plan for Pinedale

Credit Courtesy Linda Baker

Environmental groups are urging the Bureau of Land Management to quickly develop a plan for preventing future groundwater pollution in the Pinedale Anticline gas fields.

The BLM released a report this week that said groundwater contamination in the area was mostly not a result of natural gas production. But Bruce Pendery with the Wyoming Outdoor Council says regulators still need to be vigilant in preventing potential future problems.

“Oil and gas development uses a wide array of chemicals, some of them quite toxic – known carcinogens and that kind of thing,” Pendery said. “And so I think care – the precautionary principal, if you will – should continue to really guide mitigation efforts out there.”

The BLM says it will draft a new plan for monitoring and dealing with future groundwater issues in the area. The agency has not said when that plan will be finalized.