Family Asks For Help In Finding Missing Plane

Nov 29, 2012

An aunt of two passengers of a plane that is missing is urging land owners to closely look for any sign of a missing plane that carried three Gillette residents. 

Pilot Mathew Ahrens and passengers Trista Meyer and Shyann Lenz have been missing since Sunday.  They were returning to Gillette from a Thanksgiving trip to California.   Lori Cook says they last heard from Meyer in Utah.

“They headed home and they fueled up in Fillmore, Utah shortly after noon on Sunday. She did send a text to her sister, telling her they would be home in three or four hours.  That’s the last response anyone has had.  All cell phones go directly to voice mail.”

Cook says they want anyone to report a low flying plane they may have seen on Sunday and they are urging landowners to check their land and look for anything unusual.  Cook says anyone with information should contact their local Sheriff’s office.

“Landowners in the flight path area or even surrounding, because we are not sure due to the weather that day if they took a different route, to look their land over and please let the Sheriff’s department know if there is anything out of place or if they find anything.”

Cook says it has been a difficult time for the family.  The search is being conducted by the Wyoming Civil Air Patrol.

Wyoming Civil Air Patrol