Fire activity in 2012 sets record

Aug 30, 2012

2012 has been the worst fire year on record for Wyoming, according to the Wyoming State Forestry Division.

State Forester Bill Crapser says there’s been more fire activity, and fires have been larger and more extreme than ever before.

“Statewide, the only year that we came close to the same amount of acreage would have been way back in 1988 with the Yellowstone fires,” Crapser said.

The holiday weekend is expected to be hot and dry, so Crapser warns that anyone recreating outside should be exceptionally careful not to start fires.

“Be careful with your pickups and four wheelers – the hot mufflers on them,” he said. “Make sure you have five gallons of water, a shovel – that sort of thing – so if you do inadvertently start a fire or you come across a real small fire that has just started, you can put it out.”

Crapser says residents who see a large fire should call 911 or the local forest service office.