Fire forces evacuation of homes, campsites near Lander

Jul 22, 2013

A wildfire is threatening some summer homes and campgrounds southwest of Lander.

The homes in Homestead Park and campers in Sinks Canyon were evacuated today as the Fairfield Fire spread in hot and windy conditions in grass and sagebrush. Forest Service spokeswoman Kristie Salzman said about 50 structures were threatened but it's not clear how many of them are homes and how many were occupied.

The area is a very popular spot in the summer, attracting rock climbers, mountain bikers and hikers.

Another wildfire is burning in the Washakie Wilderness in the Shoshone National Forest. It was reported Sunday and has grown to over 60 acres.

Firefighters are not trying to suppress the fire because it's in a remote area with difficult terrain.