Firefighters focus on protecting homes.

Jul 2, 2012

        Protecting homes and cabins is the focus for firefighters battling the Squirrel Creek fire in the Medicine Bow National forest near Woods Landing.  The fire has consumed more than 7000 acres and Forest Service spokesman Aaron Voos said it established itself on Sheep Mountain on Tuesday and had burned down towards Highway 230. 

He said residents on Fox Creek Road have been evacuated and protecting those homes and structures has been a point of emphasis.  But Voos adds that there are other areas of concern.           

“The area right there around Woods Landing and Jelm has been a huge emphasis, there are a lot of homes, cabins, structures in that area that we are paying particular attention to.  And highway 230, they do not want that fire to jump south of highway 230.  There is a lot of beetle kill in that area, if it does jump that it’s going to move very quickly.”

Because of the erratic nature of the fire, Voos is urging residents and onlookers not to come to the area to observe or take pictures.  He says some people have gotten in the way of firefighting efforts. 

The Arapaho fire continues to grow near Wheatland and officials say they concerned about some homes and a subdivision in the area.  The fire has grown to 75,000 acres.

Meanwhile, firefighters protected a subdivision that was threatened by the Fontenelle fire near Big Piney.