Four Legislative Incumbents Lose Seats In Primary

Aug 20, 2014

House Education Chairman Matt Teeters loses his seat

In Tuesday's legislative primaries, four incumbents lost their seats including House Education Chairman Matt Teeters of Goshen County.  

Teeters made headlines in the last budget session when he added a footnote to the budget that blocked the State Board of Education from reviewing the Next Generation Science Standards. He was easily defeated by Cheri Steinmetz who grabbed 59 percent of the vote.  

Three other incumbents also lost their seats… Mark Jennings defeated Sheridan Representative Kathy Coleman,  Bill Pownall defeated Campbell County Representative Troy Mader and Park County Representative Dave Belvins lost to Dan Laursen.  Sheridan Representative John Patton nearly lost to Ryan Mulholland but in the end won by 22 votes. 

On the senate side, Casper senator Drew Perkins won his race by 35 votes and Crook County’s Ogden Driscoll won by a mere 54.