Gov. Mead approves biennial budget

Mar 8, 2012

Governor Matt Mead praised the work of Wyoming legislators as he signed the state’s three-point-two-billion dollar budget. 

Lawmakers say they were pleased they actually reduced spending in the budget without having to make serious budget cuts.  But those cuts are looming as legislators look at lower than projected natural gas prices. 

House Appropriations Chair Rosie Berger of Big Horn was disappointed that they could not give raises to state employees, but she hopes that after they trim some state budgets,the issue can be revisited when Wyoming considers supplemental budgets.

“But we just thought it was unfair to the people who work for us across the state of Wyoming to give them a raise and take it back 9 months later.  So the idea was let’s stay the course, really stay on top of things, watch our revenue sources and review it in the supplemental.”

Senate Appropriations Chairman Phil Nicholas praised media coverage for telling state residents about the difficulty the state could be facing with revenue reductions.