Gov. Mead Pledges to Allocate Adequate Firefighting Funds

Jun 29, 2012

With nine large fires consuming thousands of acres across Wyoming, Governor Matt Mead has called for drought designations in all Wyoming counties but Teton County.

He says the damage caused by Wyoming fires is small compared with the devastating blazes in Colorado.

“We have, so far, been relatively fortunate that we haven’t had sort of a huge fire in the wrong place, but that can change overnight."

That said, Mead acknowledges the fires are destroying grasslands and wildlife habitats.

He says the state has spent $6 million of the $11 million budgeted in fighting fires so far this season, but adds that the state will not allow the money in that fire management fund to run dry.

Mead spoke at a press conference today before the Platte County Sheriff's office called for residents west of Wheatland to evacuate the area as the Arapaho fire approached.