Governor Mead to give his State of the State message on Wyoming Public Radio

Feb 13, 2012

Governor Matt Mead says he will try and stay upbeat when he gives his State of the State message Monday morning.    While the state has over a billion dollars in reserves, the governor is worried about falling gas prices and the potential loss of hundreds of millions of dollars from the state revenue picture. Those potential losses, along with the fact that Wyoming will also have to make up for the loss of some federal stimulus money has led the governor and legislature to recommend some budget cuts.  The governor recommended against giving State, University and Community College’s pay raises and members of the Joint Appropriations did not make up for the loss of over 45 million dollars in federal cuts to the Department of Health.The governor will give his view on the state budget situation, but he also will note that Wyoming is much better than other states and does have emergency money in the bank.  He also will try and note other positives occurring in the state.  You can hear the governor’s state of the state message on Wyoming Public Radio at 10:06  Monday morning.  Bob Beck will host our coverage from Cheyenne.  You may follow him on Twitter during the legislative session by using the name @butterbob or by using #wyleg.