A group of state leaders head off to China to tout Wyoming Coal

May 30, 2012

       Wyoming Governor Matt Mead and a delegation of state officials will tout Wyoming’s coal and abundant energy resources in China this week.  The group is attending the 2012 International advanced Coal Technologies Conference.  Governor Mead says this could turn out to be an important trip.

“This is a big enough issue, that is coal and energy to Wyoming, that collectively we all need to see what others have done and see if we can take back some good ideas.”

The governor plans to tour a coal-to-liquids plant during the trip and find new ways for Wyoming to tap into the Chinese energy market.

“We are gonna learn a lot I am sure and hopefully take something back of use.  We are also hoping for a couple of opportunities outside of the energy field as we are over there.”

Mead says the conference is also important because they will learn new ways to add value to coal.