Group sues over redistricting

Apr 6, 2012

A group of citizens has filed a lawsuit
challenging Wyoming's newly adopted legislative redistricting plan.
     The lawsuit charges that state lawmakers bent over backward to
make sure incumbent state senators didn't have to run against each
other and accuses the plan of failing to give less-populous
counties fair representation.
     The lawsuit filed Thursday in Laramie County District Court
seeks to block Gov. Matt Mead and the other four statewide elected
officials from implementing the redistricting plan.
     Gillette lawyer Nick Carter represents the plaintiffs. He says
hopes to get the lawsuit certified straight to the Wyoming Supreme
     Sen. Cale Case, a Lander Republican, served as co-chairman of
the legislative committee that drafted the redistricting plan. He
says he's proud of the plan and is confident it will withstand
legal review.