Groups sue to stop Fortification Creek development

Jun 19, 2012

Two Wyoming conversation groups have joined others in suing to protect the Fortification Creek area of the Powder River Basin from natural gas development. 

The Wyoming Outdoor Council and Powder River Basic Resource Council complain that the Bureau of Land Management  approved a plan to allow coalbed methane development in an area that was previously protected from energy development. 

Retired  B-L-M Wildlife Biologist Larry Gerard  says the move surprised him because the area is filled with wildlife.

“For some 30 years we tried to protect that Fortification Creek area because we recognized it as an important piece of habitat for Elk as well as other wildlife species that occur there.  And it’s a very rugged untraveled piece of ground there. ”

Gerard and others fear that the area can’t be properly reclaimed.  The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Washington D-C and it’s asking the court to protect the area.