Hearing to begin for schools superintendent

Jan 3, 2014

Next week a select investigative committee will meet to take testimony about how Schools Superintendent Cindy Hill ran the State Department of Education. The three-day hearing starts Monday in Cheyenne.

Superintendent Hill has been accused of misusing state and federal money and of mistreating employees, all charges that Hill denies. 

Committee members will take testimony on all of these topics as they determine if Hill did anything that would merit impeaching her. 

Hill says that some of those speaking are biased against her and that she is disappointed that the committee will not let her cross examine the witnesses.  Lawmakers say they’re attempting to find out whether Hill was guilty of wronging doing before the legislature removed a number of her powers, including oversight of the State Department of Education.

The committee could recommend impeaching Hill, but Hill told Wyoming Public Radio in December that she doubts they will go that far and says that the public would not stand for that.