Holiday Travel To Match Economic Recovery

Dec 20, 2011

Increased holiday travel is expected for AAA’s mountain region this year, and could beat the national average. Wyoming is classified as part of the mountain region, and travel and auto group AAA expects a 2.2% percent increase from last year. That’s compared to 1.4% percent nationally.

AAA Spokeswoman Tara Handley says this will be the second busiest travel season in a decade, and the best since the recession ended.

“The economy’s recovery in the mountain region continues on kind of a slow and steady growth path which is reflective in the travel growth that we’ve that we’ve seen as well,” says Handley. “A  2.2% increase is definitely a positive margin but it’s a small one at that, so it’s in line with the economic growth.”

Handley says travel slumped during the height of the nation’s recession, and predicts that as long as economic recovery continues, travel will also increase.