House approves contraception resolution

Feb 29, 2012

The Wyoming House approved a measure that some are calling anti-woman. 

The bill called “Resolution-conscience rights” sponsored by Casper Republican Bob Brechtel calls on President Obama to reverse a rule requiring insurance coverage of all approved contraceptive and sterilization methods.  

But Cheyenne Democrat Mary Throne said it takes away the rights of women.
  “If we had a federal mandate requiring vaccines, I don’t think we’d be looking at this amendment," Throne said. "But when we are talking about women’s health care, somehow it’s fair territory to say that women don’t deserve all the health care they need.” 

But Cheyenne Republican Amy Edmonds says Throne’s assertion that it takes away the rights of Wyoming women to use birth control is not true.
  “This resolution and what our current administration is saying their actions are, have nothing to do with women’s ability to access contraception,” Edmonds said. The resolution passed on now goes to the Senate for further debate.