House Approves Data Safety Legislation

Feb 27, 2014

Many parent groups across the nation are expressing concern about the data school districts collect on students and how it’s used. 

Wyoming’s House of Representatives has approved a bill requiring the development of a plan that would help keep data confidential.  Laramie Democrat Cathy Connolly said that parents have expressed a number of concerns.

"Will their individual child have data that follows them forever, what happens if you third grader misbehaved on the playground and will that information be carried through to something more serious when the kid is a teenager or something like that.  So there is concern."

Connolly said that a lot of data is being collected on students and the bill requires school technology officials to keep most of it confidential.

"They're obligated to come up with a data security plan.  To understand exactly what data is being collected, what kind of confidentially will be associated with that data, and that we can all be assured that the data is being kept confidential."

Connolly says it's important that some data be transferred if a student moves.  But she says it must remain confidential, with only limited access.