House committee defeats anti-abortion bill

Jan 29, 2013

A Wyoming House committee has voted to defeat a bill that would have made it felony for an abortion to be performed after an embryo or fetus has a heartbeat.  

Representative Sue Wallis of Recluse testified that she’s had an abortion and it is nobody’s business but hers.

"Thank God this travesty of state-sponsored intrusion into my difficult decision at that time was not in place," Wallis said. "And I pray that it’s not foisted on my daughters or granddaughters."

But Representative Mark Baker of Rock Springs says that’s what the legislature is supposed to do.

“As legislators every law that we pass goes into somebody’s personal life in one way or another," Baker said. "This is our responsibility to in my opinion to protect life and liberty.  So it’s up to you guys to decide when life begins.”

The bill failed 5 to 3.