House denies funding for developmental disability services

Feb 28, 2012

On the final day of budget debate, the Wyoming House of Representatives denied funding to try and remove some of those on the waiting list for developmental disability services. Jackson Representative Keith Gingery says there is a need to get people off waiting lists as soon as possible and asked the House to approve 3-point-five million dollars to make a difference. “The quicker you can get to a child at an early age, the better they are going to do," Gingery said. "Then with the adult DD, it sounds awful but I’ve talked to a lot of these parents where they are just getting older and their worried.  What’s gonna happen to my child.” But Speaker of the House Ed Buchanan says the state can’t afford the long term funding that the amendment would lead to.   However, Cheyenne Democrat Mary Throne says the state could spend money that some want to place in reserve.  The Senate approved a Developmental Disability amendment and the issue will be debated in a conference committee.