House votes down legislative districts amendment

Feb 15, 2012

 The Wyoming House of Representatives voted down an amendment to protect some legislative districts in northeast Wyoming in giving initial approval to a bill that redraws  the state’s legislative districts. 

A proposal by Republican  Hans Hunt of Newcastle tried to prevent changes in Weston and Niobrara Counties by making one of the districts include eastern Campbell County’s population. 

But Casper Representative Tim Stubson says Campbell County already agreed to split off one of its five legislative districts  to set up a district that includes Converse County. He doesn’t think that county should give up any more.

“Campbell actually was entitled and could have easily , right within the middle of deviation, had five house seats solely within their county boundaries.  Campbell County agreed to take on extra population and to go outside their county borders in order to make this whole plan on the east side work.  They compromised to do that.  What this new plan does is carve them up even further.”

The Hunt amendment was defeated and the bill will be debated two more times.