Initiative launched to get more Wyoming women screened for breast cancer

Nov 7, 2011

 G-E has launched a partnership that is intended to get more Wyoming women screened for breast cancer.   It’s called the WY Women First Program, and G-E and its partners hope to increase screening for 25 thousand women in the state.  Only 67-percent of Wyoming women currently get mammograms.  The effort is being launched by G-E’s Healthy Imagination program.   The program Vice President Michael Barber says for starters, they will use social media, notably Facebook to try and encourage women to get their exams.        

“Can we inspire them and can they inspire their peers and colleagues across the state to find and  seek out and get screening.  We are going to have a mobile van available that will travel around so they will be able to schedule a time when it is in their area where they can go get the screening and then we are going to work with health care providers in the area to provide follow-up when it is necessary".

Barber says this effort is the first of its kind.  He says G-E will partner with the Susan G. Komen Foundation and providers in the state to make this a successful effort.  It’s part of an overall one billion dollar effort to advance cancer innovation and access to care.