Jackson Council seat winner ran a paperless campaign

Nov 8, 2012

: Jim Stanford detests campaign yard signs. So when he decided to run for a seat on Jackson's Town Council he says he decided not to use them. The idea snowballed from there with Stanford deciding to run a paper-less campaign. In a competitive race, packed with qualified candidates, his unconventional approach worried campaign team members, including Amy McCarthy.

"I just wanted to make sure that as Jim went from door to door with so many people not being home that they knew that he had tried to stop by," McCarthy said.

McCarthy suggested using eco-friendly paper, but Stanford refused.

"In choosing not to print anything on paper and give it out and litter people's doorsteps, I was showing one, I'm serious about conserving resources and money, and two, I'm not afraid to do something differently," Stanford said.

Stanford says he hopes to set a trend that could help eliminate yard signs and door-hangers in future elections. He relied on other strategies, including social media and posting video of candidate forums on his blog. Stanford won by a hundred and forty nine votes.