Jackson firefighters make progress

Sep 13, 2012

An aggressive approach in addressing the Horsethief Canyon fire in Jackson appears to be working.  Firefighters started another fire to burn out an area where a containment line is now set up. 

Public Information Officer Jesse Bender said it gives firefighters an easier time to contain the fire.

“This burnout will add…they’re estimating another 300 acres to the total size.  But what it’s really gonna do is give us a nice straight line down through that northern plank.  Instead of what it is right now where it goes, in and out and in and out.  And that’s a lot harder to contain when a fire line does that.”

Bender says it is now 15 percent contained and she adds they have a good weather window to make more progress by the weekend.   The number of people who have been asked to be prepared to evacuate has been reduced.