Jackson Landslide Slowing

Apr 24, 2014

Credit Rebecca Huntington

A creeping landslide on Jackson's East Gros Ventre Butte, that has forced the evacuation of homes and businesses, appears to be slowing down.

Charlotte Reynolds, an information office for the Budge Drive Slide, says the slower movement, combined with favorable weather, could make it possible for some residents to return home soon.

"Our best case scenario would be to have residents back in their homes, late next week, next weekend. We may have some residents able to move back in sooner and then sort of progressively move through the neighborhood, allowing people back in," she says.

One home has been condemned and cannot be reoccupied and some homes remain in the high risk zone, but a temporary road has been established to the area and appears to be holding.

Businesses affected by the slide are working through a safety check-list to determine when they may safely reopen.

"Those property owners are doing some private mitigation work, and working with the town building officials to go through sort of a check list of what needs to happen in order for them to be able to reopen," Reynolds says.  

The town has successfully restored sewer service to the area and gas is back on for most homes, as well.

Frequent updates and a live video feed of the slide area are available online, at townofjackson.com.