Jackson Shuts Off Water Near Landslide

Apr 22, 2014

Credit Rebecca Huntington

Jackson is shutting off water today to homes and businesses on the north side of West Broadway as part of its ongoing response to the creeping hillside collapse on East Gros Ventre Butte.

The plan is to install new valves and hydrants that will give the town the option of capping off a 12-inch water main, along the slide area, if that becomes necessary. Although the hillside is shifting slowly, it's creating forces that could burst both the water main and a nearby sewer line.

Jackson Fire Chief Willy Watsabaugh says the town is scoping the sewer line with a remote camera on a daily basis.

"The sewer line is seven feet north of the water line," he said. "We don't want either of those to break but if the sewer line were to break or show deflection in it we can plug it and it will be an early indicator that the toe of the slide is moving that way."

Once crews install the new valves and hydrants, which should be completed Wednesday, the town will be able to isolate the water main alongside the slide area in an emergency.