Joint Revenue Committee supports raising state gas tax

Dec 3, 2012

The Legislature’s Joint Revenue Committee has recommended approval of a bill that would raise the state gas tax by $.10. If approved by the full legislature, the gas tax would be raised to 24 cents a gallon and Wyoming Department of Transportation officials say the majority of that money would be used to improve the state’s roads. 

A number of groups from the Wyoming Taxpayers Association to the Wyoming Mining Association say that they support the increase.  Steve Perkins of Perkins Oil in Rawlins doubts most consumers will feel an impact.

“The market is always volatile, it’s always moving up and down,” says Perkins. “Whether or not or how long the customer sees or remembers a ten cent increase in the gas tax probably won’t be long and they will just forget.”

But Cheyenne resident Victor Ciconne disputes that.  He says a ten cent a gallon increase would hurt him and others on fixed incomes.

“In my opinion the states seems to forget that the federal government is broke or is about to be broke.  Inflation has already set it, but that apparently doesn’t bother you people.  You just take the money out of your pocket and pay for whatever you are doing.  Well I have to conserve my money.”

Senator Cale Case of Lander was the only committee member who voted against the tax hike saying that other ideas … such as a toll road for Interstate 80 should have been on the table.