July 8th, 2011

Nov 10, 2011

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A listing of today's stories:

Wyoming’s Senators continue to hold onto their views on how to deal with the federal debt.
The Senate cancelled its July Fourth recess, nominally to seek compromise on the debt ceiling. But as Jim Hilgen reports from Washington, Wyoming’s senators haven’t budged much in their views on how to address the nation’s financial issues.

The University of Wyoming’s Carbon Management Institute is undertaking an ambitious carbon sequestration project in Sweetwater County.
It’s still in its early stages – but university researchers and Institute director Ron Surdam have high hopes.
Ron Surdam of U-W’s Carbon Management Institute speaks with Molly Messick about an area where billions of tons of carbon dioxide might eventually be stored.

Telemedicine for Wyoming’s rural areas is a reality.

37 rural hospitals and mental health centers in Wyoming recently received high speed internet services, so that telemedicine services can be provided to rural citizens across the state. The Director of the University of Wyoming's Center for Rural Health Research and Education is Rex Gatenbein joins Bob Beck to explain what this might mean for health care in the state….

Shoshoni native Tiffany Holmquist Bishop discusses growing up in a small town.

Molly Messick a tour of the University of Wyoming's Berry Biodiversity Conservation Center
The University of Wyoming’s Berry Biodiversity Conservation Center has a new green roof. It’s an experiment in planting a high-elevation green roof using plants native to the Laramie Basin. Berry Center Director Greg Brown and office associate Brenna Wanous gave Molly Messick a tour. Interview

Senator John Barrasso expresses his views on Libya.
U S involvement in Libya remains a key focus for lawmakers on Capitol Hill. From Washington, Jim Hilgen examines what transpired and checks in with a Wyoming Senator.

Jackson hosts the Global Arts Corps summer institute.
Jackson will be host for what is called the Global Arts Corps Summer institute. It will look at alternatives for conflict resolution and gets underway this weekend. Plans are for this to be an annual event. It will be held at the center for the arts in Jackson. Michael Lessack joins me to talk about it.

Wyoming tries to address the growing numbers of children with emotional and mental health issues.
Recently day cares and elementary schools in Wyoming started noticing a growing number of children with serious emotional and mental health issues. The state eventually made addressing the problem a priority. Because of this the University of Wyoming of College of Education developed the Early Childhood Mental Health Professional Certificate program and more recently the Rocky Mountain Center for Play Therapy studies. And those programs are helping identify children around the state that need help. Bob Beck reports.

Dinosaurs and the joy of discovery.
Wyoming and dinosaurs have a long history. Researchers began coming to the state to excavate the animals’ fossilized remains well over a century ago, and that work continues to this day. Right now, field workers from Casper College’s Tate Geological Museum are hard at work amid rolling ranchland in far eastern Wyoming. They’re uncovering the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of about 50 specimens known to exist. Now a story about dinosaurs, and joy of discovery.