Lawmakers Need More Information Before They Can React To Hill Ruling

Feb 11, 2014

There is still a long ways to go before the Wyoming legislature is able to react to the Wyoming Supreme Court ruling concerning State Superintendent Cindy Hill. 

The Supreme Court ruled that the law that removed powers from Hill was unconstitutional.  But before the legislature can react to that ruling it needs more information.  

House Majority Floor Leader Kermit Brown says that is likely to come from the District Court who may soon get the case.                  

“When you really dig down into it what they said was the legislature went too far.  Well, how far and in what respects?” says Brown. “And we have to remember that Senate File 104 affected a lot of things besides the direct description of the duties of the Superintendent.  And so those other things are they unconstitutional or not?”

In the meantime the legislature’s management council has drafted a bill that will set up a way to study the ruling and find a solution.  

They plan to address the issue in a Special Legislative session.   Brown says he is hopeful that the legislature will be given enough time to do that.