Lawmakers Will Continue To Revise Accountability Law

Jan 22, 2014

Wyoming lawmakers will be asked to continue to fine tune Wyoming’s new school accountability law and develop ways for the state to help school districts improve learning. 

Districts and schools are now receiving accountability scores and under-performers will work with the state to find ways to improve.  State Education Director Rich Crandall says it will allow the state to look at data and work very closely with school districts and help them meet goals.

“If you are exceeding school there is not a whole lot of interventions, but if you are meeting…partially meeting…or not meeting…there is greater and greater interventions from the state.”

One thing they have decided to do is that when there is a need for an intervention, they will include what a district is already doing to correct the problem. Districts came to the state with that idea, so they don’t have to start from scratch said Crandall.  He adds that they will take the local plan and the data and treat it like a medical consultation and devise the best plan possible. 

They said why don’t you see what we are doing already, what resources we have, what vendors we are working with, then let’s all sit around the table and put together a treatment plan using all the tools we have available.  And it’s been very, very, well received.

The bill also provides for more training of school leaders, such as principals.  Legislators will consider the bill next month.