Lawsuit over Grizzly mauling case will go to trial

Apr 20, 2012

A lawsuit over a fatal bear mauling near
Yellowstone National Park is set to go to trial at the end of the
     The Powell Tribune  reported Friday that
federal Judge Nancy Freudenthal has scheduled the
trial to start Dec. 3 in Cheyenne.
     Erwin Evert of Park Ridge, Ill., was killed by a grizzly bear
that had been tranquilized by researchers in Shoshone National
     Evert's widow, Yolanda Evert, is suing the federal government
for $5 million. She claims that researchers let the bear go too
soon and took down warning signs.
     The Everts spent summers in a cabin in the forest on the east
side of Yellowstone.
     Neither side has asked for a jury trial so, for now, Freudenthal
is slated to decide the case.