Legislative panel says no to cell phone ban, approves legalizing hitchhiking

Jan 22, 2013

The Senate Transportation Committee has voted down a bill that would ban cell phone use on Wyoming highways, while approving a measure that would legalize hitchhiking.

Senator Floyd Esquibel of Cheyenne wanted to eliminate most cell phone use for safety reasons, but the committee voted the bill down with little discussion by a three to two vote. 

The Committee did approve a bill that would legalize hitchhiking on Wyoming Highways, despite concerns by members of the state law enforcement community, who said the measure would make it harder to find people who are runaways or are wanted by law enforcement.  Senator Leland Christensen says they should be able to perform their duties without a hitchhiking ban.

“You know right now I think law enforcement has all kind of opportunities to stop and check on people and see if they need hand,” Christensen said. “If they have other probable cause issues such as an escapee or a runaway, they are going to have other information to develop those cases and go forward.”

Christensen argues that the current law is not that useful.  It now heads to the Senate floor for further debate.