Localities outfits hope to draw tourists Yellowstone turned away

Oct 11, 2013

Credit Albany County Tourism Board

The forced closures of Wyoming’s national parks have frustrated tourists and slowed business in gateway communities, but tourism offices in the state are working to draw visitors to other locales that aren’t as strongly affected by the shutdown.

The Albany County Tourism Board has released a series of web graphics to encourage people to visit the region.

Spokeswoman Brittany Richards says they have spread virally over social media. One poster reads “The Tetons may be closed, but the Snowy Range is wide, wide open.”

“When people hear about Wyoming, they automatically think, ‘Yellowstone, Devil’s Tower, Tetons,’ which is great, and we’re really proud of those assets that we have. But with the shutdown, it kind of gave us an opportunity take some of that spotlight.”

Richards says the Laramie Area Visitors Center has seen more visitors than normal lately. She says it’s helping bridge the summer and winter recreation seasons.