Mammogram van to travel through Wyoming

Jun 26, 2012

Susan G. Komen for the Cure and GE are sending a mobile mammography van around Wyoming to provide breast cancer screening to women in rural areas.

Komen’s Vice President of Community Health Lynn Erdman says Wyoming women are less likely to get mammograms than women in almost any other state. She says the mammography van is meant to provide screening to women who lack access to healthcare facilities, or who can’t afford screening.

“If a woman has no insurance, there is no cost,” Erdman said. “If a woman is under-insured – meaning does not have coverage for screening – then that will also be covered. If a woman has insurance, then the insurance would simply be used for the screening mammogram.”

The mammogram van will start making its rounds on Wednesday, and Erdman says they hope to screen 15,000 women in the state per year.