Man charged with felony assault in Grand Teton stabbing

Jul 2, 2013

Credit MrPhilDog / Phil Thomas / Flickr Creative Commons

A man has been charged with two counts of felony assault for an incident in Grand Teton National Park last week. Vincent Hagey is accused of stabbing another man at an employee dormitory. The victim was taken to St. John’s Medical Center in Jackson and has since been released.

  Park Spokeswoman Jackie Skaggs says assaults this severe are very rare in the park.

  “There are more assault cases that are of a misdemeanor level, where someone gets into a fisticuffs or something of that nature,” Skaggs said. “But something that rises to a felony charge or a felony assault is rare. And – knock on wood – murders or something of that serious nature are even more rare.”

  Skaggs says if visitors hear an altercation, they should call 911 or the Park’s Dispatch Number, which is 3300.