Mead Continues Working On Medicaid Expansion

Aug 21, 2014

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead says he continues working with federal officials to craft a Medicaid expansion plan for Wyoming.                  

Mead says that he’s concerned that the federal government will not be able to afford the program, but he says it could help people in the state and so he is moving forward with a good faith effort.

"In terms of the payment I still have grave reservations about that, but I juxtapose that against our hospital association saying we’re handing our 200 million dollars in free care just in Wyoming. I contrast it with I think it’s about 60 million dollars this year that if we were in Medicaid we would have received."

Mead was directed by the legislature to try and develop a Wyoming plan that lawmakers could consider next year. Mead spoke out against Medicaid expansion during his budget presentation in late 2013.