Mead tells postal service not to cut Wyoming post offices

Nov 23, 2011

Governor Matt Mead is once again urging the U-S Postal Service of resist cutting some of Wyoming’s Post Offices.  Mead says rural Post Offices are an important source of commerce and communication for rural areas and he’s urging the Postal Service to find other ways to deal with its budget woes.

“Cuts need to be made to make sure the postal service remains viable.  But I hope other ideas come to the fore.  Some of these rural post offices, some of them are already are open less than five days a week.  So it’s appropriate to look at options that spread the sacrifice across the country, rather than just rural states like Wyoming.”

The Postal Service has targeted up to 43 Wyoming Post Offices for closure.  Mead says it would force some residents to drive 40 miles to get their mail.