Mead Wins GOP Primary

Aug 20, 2014

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead overcame strong challenges from Superintendent Cindy Hill and Doctor Taylor Haynes to win the Republican primary. 

Mead won the race despite upsetting the Republican base over his support of legislation that removed State Superintendent Cindy Hill as the supervisor of the Department of Education. Mead says it helped to be able to travel the state and meet with people.

To have a chance in small groups, one and one, and some large groups, take questions and have people hear firsthand from me. I thought that was extremely helpful.”

He now meets Democrat Pete Gosar who’s been critical of Mead’s refusal to expand Medicaid Services among other things. Gosar says Mead lacks leadership.

If you look at the leadership and some of the decisions made, there’s  a lot of backpedaling and a lot of backtracking.”

Mead says he looks forward to debating the issues with Gosar.