Most incumbents survived challenges in Wyo Legislative races

Aug 22, 2012

A push by the conservative arm of the Republican party mostly fizzled in last night’s primary election.  Most incumbents won their elections and will advance to the general election. 

Senator Charles Scott of Casper survived the race with perhaps the highest profile in defeating veteran Representative Bob Brechtel.  Scott says his ability to hash out differences with constituents during the campaign helped, along with the fact that voters were familiar with him.  He says the contest told him that there is no need to change his approach.               

It does tell me that the hard right issues even in a low turnout Republican primary, they are not necessarily a winning set of issues.”

Senator Wayne Johnson of Cheyenne and Senator Hank Coe of Cody also escaped challenges from conservative candidates.  Two high profile incumbents lost last night.  In Casper, Jim Anderson defeated Kit Jennings and in Cody, Representative Pat Childers lost to David Northrup.  But overall, incumbents withstood challenges.  Scott says the reason is simple.  

"The legislatures done a pretty reasonable job over the years and I think most people know it.  If the legislature had messed up like they have in some  states or nationally, I think you'd have seen different results."

On the Democratic side newcomers won both contested House Races.  Bruce Palmer of Lander defeated Michelle Hoffman in District 54 and Connie Skates of Thermopolis won her primary in District 28.  They will both face Republican challengers in the general election.