Newbold Dam in Grand Teton National Park to be demolished

Mar 18, 2013

Grand Teton National Park and Trout Unlimited are partnering to demolish a dam near Kelly, WY, which will restore access to the  Gros Ventre Watershed for spawning trout and non-game fish.

The Newbold Dam was once used for irrigation, but the park’s public affairs officer, Jackie Skaggs says the structure is now obsolete, and removing it will help the park.

“In the long run it saves us money in maintenance for a structure that is no longer needed, is no longer used, but greatly benefits fish and fish habitats,” said Skaggs.

Both the park and Trout Unlimited are working to minimize any negative environmental impacts from the demolition of the dam, which begins Monday, March 18th. They will replant stream-side vegetation later in the spring, and will fortify supports on a nearby bridge that provides access to private residences.