Pavillion Working Group to meet in Aug.

Jul 25, 2013

The next Pavillion Working Group meeting has been scheduled for August, in Riverton. The working group includes state agency, landowner, tribal, and industry stakeholders.

The working group will be providing updates to the community on the status of their investigations into pit and well bore integrity, and as much as possible, domestic water wells.  

According to natural resources policy advisor to the Governor, Jerimiah Reiman, the State’s plans for the EPA draft report on water contamination that was handed over to the state for completion are not currently on the agenda. 

“We will equally provide an update on the project to provide cisterns to residents in that area, and any other matters that might be up for discussion,” Reiman says.

The meeting is scheduled to start at 1 PM at the Riverton Holiday Inn on August second and public attendance is welcome. Additional updates on the project can be found on the both the Department of Environmental Quality and the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission websites.