Private Funds Enhance UW Scholarships

May 11, 2017

Credit UW Foundation

University of Wyoming President Laurie Nichols is working with the UW Foundation to grow the number of scholarships available in an effort to recruit students.

According to UW Foundation president Ben Blalock there is a multitude of scholarships available for declared majors, but not as many dollars available for incoming freshmen that have yet to declare. Blalock said, “this new focus with the president is going to really provide a broader discretion to recruit the best and brightest, but also students who have financial need.”

This new pool of money from private donors will have a positive impact on university budgets, according to Blalock, “because they will be able to use somewhat less of the state dollars towards scholarships and be able to use private dollars more aggressively towards scholarships going forward.”

Blalock says there will be an increase in UW Foundation sponsored scholarships available this fall, and there should be more money in coming years as they talk to prospective contributors.