Report Shows UW's Economic Footprint On State

Jun 24, 2014

A University of Wyoming report says that UW brings $130 million dollars in external funding into the state each year, spurs $129 million in other economic activity, and is responsible for creating more than 2,200 jobs.

University of Wyoming
Credit MDV via Flickr Creative Commons

The report sought to quantify economic impacts that would not occur in Wyoming if the University wasn’t in the state, including spending by non-resident students and visitors, and startup businesses stemming from UW research.

UW economist Anne Alexander, who authored the report, says it shows that the University gives back to the state nearly equal to what it takes in the form of block grants.

"It definitely brings in some serious returns," Alexander said. "It helps foster business development. It helps foster economic activity. It shows that it’s worth every penny that our legislature has invested and we’re glad that they’ve done that and we’re glad we’re able to show that for them."

The report also details UW’s contributions throughout the state in higher education, research, cultural exhibitions and more.

This is the first such report compiled by the University, but Alexander says it won’t be the last.